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WPC Flooring Dubai - Villa main doors

The main door for the villa is the first and last thing visitors will see, so you want it to leave a good first impression. More importantly, you want it to keep your family and home safe and warm or cool. 

Therefore, the doors in your home, including your main door, matter regardless of your financial situation, whether you live in a large bungalow or a lavish villa. The doors impact the home’s perception and add to its beauty, safety, and privacy. 

As a result, you should think before choosing your villa’s main door. Custom main doors are almost always created using various options for door design modifications. Thanks to WPC Flooring Dubai, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your family has been protected.

Things to Consider for a Good Design Door

  • Design of Main Door 

The size and style of your villa greatly impact the appearance and design of your main door. You must determine which size category your villa fits into before choosing the main door’s design. The main door’s size should be proportional to the villa’s size. 

Although they add a unique appearance and elegance, carved doors are expensive and typically out of the price range of every villa owner.







  • Size of Main Door 

A fundamental consideration you must bear in mind is the size of the main door. In addition to considering the size, shape, height, and expected traffic, it should also be proportionate to human dimensions. Therefore, the basic considerations for choosing a main door should be its shape, size, and purpose. 

  • Material Used in Main Door 

Fibreglass, steel, and wood are the main materials used to create main entry doors. A modern main door system combines two or more of these materials. Steel frames and cutting-edge insulating cores are used to construct custom main doors. 

  • Hinge Design for Main Door

There are other options besides the typical exposed three-hinge system for hanging a main door. For a wider opening range and more light, modern main doors are also available with concealed hinges or mounted on a vertical pivot. The hinge or pivot can be placed on either side of the main door, regardless of your chosen hanging system.

  • Security Set Up in Main Door 

Modern main doors can be made of steel, wood, or fibreglass, and they are all fairly equal in terms of strength when it comes to security. They fall short of the locking system. 

You should be looking for a main door with a deadbolt at least one inch long and a reinforced metal strike plate. Main doors are virtually impenetrable because they can have up to six locking pins.

  • The durability of the Main Door 

The durability and service life of any material you choose for the main doors are crucial. The design of the house’s main door must match that of the door. While PVC and medium or low-quality flush doors have a limited life of about 10 to 25 years, wooden and glass doors have a long lifespan. 

You must consider factors like the likelihood of normal wear and tear and the requirement for routine maintenance when choosing a main door.

Why Choose WPC Flooring Dubai !! 

The type and quality of main doors matter greatly, whether or not you are concerned about the first impression. Based on all the aforementioned factors, a sizable amount of time must be spent before the main doors are finalised. 

Even though there are many factors to consider, designing and selecting the interiors is a fun task. Be sure to take full advantage of this fun at WPC Flooring Dubai.


  • What kind of main door material is best?

It is essential to pick a main door material type that is strong, durable, and both stylish and appropriate for your villa’s decor. Main doors can be made from various materials, including wood, glass, PVC, aluminium, and fibreglass.

  • Which colour is best for the villa’s main door?

Soft hues like white, silver, or wood work best for the main door.

  • How long do wooden villa main doors last? 

The type of wood used to make a wooden main door affects how long it will last. On the other hand, a wooden door can last for 20 to 30 years.

  • What is the importance of the villa’s main door?

The main doors’ dual functions are to let people in and keep them out. Similar to how a high-quality door can deter burglars while attracting the attention of neighbours and potential buyers.