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A Guide to Wooden Doors

Buying your own home is an important milestone in everybody’s life. And when you make it big with your abode, flaws or imperfections aren’t acceptable. Every aspect of your home should be perfect to the last detail to ensure unmatched beauty and flawlessness.

One of the most important aspects of a home’s facade and exterior is the entrance doors, which add character and style to a home’s aesthetic. A door is one of the first things people see inside your home. It makes a long-lasting impression, which is why it’s essential to cater to your home’s door needs too! 

Most quintessential entrances are wooden doors, which add character, style, and grandeur to any home’s exterior. Keep reading about wooden doors, why you should buy them, and the types available at WPC Flooring Dubai.

Why Should You Opt for Wooden Doors? 

  • Aesthetics

Nothing compares to the aesthetic quality of wooden doors and the level of character they can add to any home. Wooden doors carry a certain elegance and class and are unmatched and stylish.

Additionally, wood can be painted and customized in the desired color. But why cover up the exquisite wood grains that make it aesthetically pleasing? Besides the incredible aesthetics, the wooden doors are also known for their durability.







  • Durability

Wooden doors retain their aesthetics over time due to their high durability and can withstand rough usage and wear and tear. You just have to ensure regular maintenance and the occasional polishing to preserve its originality! Wooden doors are also good insulators. 

  • Insulation

Wood has very high energy efficiency and is a good heat insulator. They are extremely resistant to temperature changes.

Since the door covers a big opening, wood’s insulation properties ensure optimum temperature regulation keeping the interiors warm and cozy. It also helps reduce energy consumption, saving huge expenses on utility bills.

Your doors aren’t any good if they aren’t adaptable and versatile to fit your vision and creativity. Wooden doors serve you well in this department.

  • Adjustable and Customizable 

Wood is a very adaptable material. The wooden door can be shaped and adjusted to fit any size or space constraints. 

Besides the adaptability, these doors are known for their customizability, i.e., you can design your wooden doors according to the style and aesthetic you want! There are many different wooden door types available. Let’s discuss them below.

What Are the Different Types of Wooden Doors Available?

  • Panelled Wooden Doors

Panelled doors are one of the traditional wooden door types available and consist of a wooden slab with panelled patterns engraved into them. These wooden doors are extremely versatile and can be used in any setting, blending in well with any type of environment.

  • Wooden Louvered Doors

Wooden louvered doors are thin, long slits cut/carved into the door’s upper half and panelling on the bottom half. These doors allow free air passage and are great for natural ventilation.

While these doors aren’t good for entrance or room doors, they are generally great for wardrobes, bathrooms, pantries, or utility rooms!

  • Wooden French Doors

These doors are retrofitted with and merged with glass elements in different patterns and placements, which allow natural light in a space. These doors often add a more lively and friendly interior appearance and can be engraved with complex patterns to add an extra layer of class.

Why choose WPC Flooring Dubai?

When looking for a shop to buy the best doors for your home, there is no need to look further than WPC Flooring Dubai! We have an experienced, industry-leading design team with top-of-the-line design tools and materials to bring your vision of a personalized space to reality. 

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing quality customizations to all. We have provided interior decorating solutions and products to various customers around Dubai and are equipped with everything the customer needs to make their customization dream a reality. 

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Why does my house need wooden doors?

Opting for wooden doors in your house has a plethora of benefits such as aesthetics, durability, adjustability, insulation, and much more. These advantages add on to the aesthetic and functional value of your home!

Which type of wooden door should I opt for?

Wooden doors come in a wide variety of styles and types, and it can be quite confusing making a decision. However, some of the most timeless styles include panelled doors, louvered doors, and french doors!